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Standard Martial Arts White Belt


The JudoGi Store is proud to offer quality White Belts for those just starting out in the Martial Arts. Though many of our single weave uniforms come complete with a White Belt there are many more Double Weave and Competition Style uniforms which do not. The reason is pretty simple, most people that spend $100 or more for a uniform already have a belt. If you select this product the White Belt that you will receive will be the one appropriate for the type of uniform that you are ordering. Fuji for Fuji or Mizuno uniform, Adidas for Adidas uniforms etc. The cost is just $10.00, and it will have little or no impact on your shipping cost, when shipped with a uniform.

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Item Number: Stardard_White_Belt

Price: $10.00




  • Great for Beginners
  • A must Have for Senior Competitors
  • No Added Shipping Cost when Ordered with Uniform
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