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2010 All Japan Judo Championships DVD

$49.95 Reg.
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2010 All Japan Judo Championships:

Held on April 29th '10 at Nippon Budokan (Tokyo). All matches are open, no weight categories. Kazuhiko Takahashi (4th dan) won the title at his second attempt. Takahashi defeated K.Suzuki (5th dan and he was expected to come back as a All Japan champion) by hantei in quarterfinal. He also defeated T.Anai (5th dan, All Japan champion in 2009) by hantei in semifinal. The final was between Takahashi and H.Tateyama, Takahashi seized a come-from-behind win. This year was Y.Muneta (5th dan)'s 12th year try but he lost to Tateyama in semifinal. In this DVD, you will enjoy watching K.Suzuki and K.Takagi (19 years old, 3rd dan) and much more.....

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  • Featuring Form Olympic and World Medalist
  • Past Winners include: Naoya Ogawa and Satoshi Ishii who have went on to careers in mixed-martial-arts.
  • The meet also doubled as the final qualifier for the over-100-kilogram category at the world championships in Tokyo in September
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