FUJI Sports Combatives Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi
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2010 All Japan Judo Championships DVD
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Fuji Infant Single Weave Uniform
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Fuji Sports Single Weave Judo Gi
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Fuji Infant Uniform

Welcome to our Entry Level Judo Gi Page. The Uniforms on this page are typically a step up from your first Judogi, and are an excellent choice for local competitors, and everyday training. Here you will find both single and double weave Judogis with prices ranging from under $30 to just under $100, depending on the model, and size chosen.

Our favorite in this category is the Fuji Double Weave uniform, which is priced from about $65 to $75. The Fuji is an upgrade from their world famous single weave series, and is a must have upgrade for those of us above 200 lbs. Another great choice is the Toraki Bronze Label Judo uniform, which many consider the best compromise of quality and price in the under $100 category. Both of these uniforms are excellent choices for everyday training, and local competitions.

    Description Price
1.   Mizuno Hayato Single Weave Judo Gi
This is the all-purpose high quality gi for anyone practicing judo, jiu-jitsu, grappling, and aikido. Priced From $49.00 to $79.00. Includes jacket, pants, and White Belt
2.   Fuji Sports Single Weave Judo Gi
Top seller in North America. Ideal for judo, jiu jitsu, grappling and aikido. Priced from $50.00 to $77.00 white and $55.00 to $80.00 blue. Includes jacket, pants and white belt
3.   Fuji Sports USA Judo Single Weave Judo gi
The Fuji USA Judogi. YOU CHOOSE Single Weave or Double Weave, White or Blue. Sales help Fund the USA Judo High Performance Fund which helps elite athletes achieve their world and Olympic dreams. Sizes 0000 to 7. Priced from $59.00 up.
4.   Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi
From the makers of FUJI Single, we have the FUJI Double. You can't beat the price. It is perfect if you want a heavier judogi for dojo or competition. Priced from $89.00 to $101.00 white and $99.00 to $112.00 blue. Includes jacket and pants
5.   FUJI Sports USA Judo Double Weave Gi
Fuji USA Double Wave Judo Gi. Features the official USA Judo logo. Available in White or Blue. Sizes 1 to 9. Priced from $125.00 up
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