FUJI Sports Combatives Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi
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2010 All Japan Judo Championships DVD
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Fuji Infant Single Weave Uniform
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Fuji Sports Single Weave Judo Gi
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Our Martial Arts Accessories Section is designed to provide you with the things that all martial artists will need at one time or another. Belts for higher ranks, Heavy Duty Replacement pants, and Gi Bags are just the beginning. Over time we hope to add Books, Video Tapes, and a host of other items. Please check back often to see what is new.
A quick note: I am sometime asked why we only sell Heavy Duty Top Quality Pants, and not the lighter weight ones sold with our single weave, and lower cost double weave Judo Gis. The reason is quite simple. The fact that you are replacing the pants is an indication of how much this very essential part of your Judo uniform goes through. This is especially true for Ne Waza (Ground Techniques) of Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and other Grappling arts, and with Aikido's Suwari Waza (Knee Techniques). Spend a little more now, and these pant will give you years of service.

    Description Price
1.   Fuji Infant Single Weave Uniform
The Fuji Infant Single Weave Uniform is the exact same high quality single weave uniform that we sell elsewhere on this site in sizes from 000 to 8. However this special Size 000000 uniform (that's right 6 zeros), is specially designed for our very youngest martial artist. It's is designed for infants and toddlers up to about 30 inches, and 30 pounds. NOW AVAILABLE IN WHITE or PINK
2.   Mizuno Judo Brown, Black, and Red & White Belts
Mizuno Belts Features: Stronger than most with added stiffness for the heft the Black Belt deserves. IJF Designation indicates that it is IJF International Standards Approved. *Standard Black Belts available in half sizes, and Size 8. Priced from $29.95 to $69.95.
Clean colors, not flimsy, with the Mizuno embroidered patch.
4.   Fuji Sports Judo Belts
FUJI Sports Belts for Adults and Kids are high quality belts and are available in white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, brown, and black in sizes from #000. Perfect for Judo, Karate, Aikido and other Martial Arts. Prices from $10 and up.
5.   Fuji IBJJF Approved Belts for Kids and Adults
Fuji IBJJF Approved Belts for Kids and Adults are high quality belts, made to withstand years of wear. Available in Most Colors and Sizes. Remember when ordering a Uniform, if it doesn't explicitly say that it comes with a Belt, it probably doesn't. $15.00 and up.
6.   Standard Martial Arts White Belt
Perfect for those just starting out, or for those who need an additional white belt for competition.
7.   Fuji JudoGi Pants (pants only) Single Weave
FUJI Sports Single Weave Judo Pants are built for durability and value. They are a great value at only $25.00, and are available in sizes 0000 to 7. White or Blue.
8.   Fuji JudoGi Pants (pants only) Double Weave
Fuji Sports Double Weave Judo Pants feature reinforced knees, cotton drawstring and a great price! They are available in Single Weave or Double, and in either White or Blue Color. They can be used for Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and Karate. Just $32.00. Sizes 1 to 7, including half sizes
9.   Mizuno IJF Red Label Judogi Pants
These pants are a great choice whether you are replacing your original Mizuno branded pants, or simply want a new pair of pants to upgrade your "other branded" Jacket.
10.   FUJI Inverted Short Sleeve Rashguard
The FUJI Inverted Rashguard Series is designed to be your go-to base layer for any type of training.
11.   Mizuno's Long Sleeve Second Skin D.F. Body Stretch Shirts
Lightweight performance polyester with Mizuno DryLiteŽ Technology that transports excess moisture away from the body.
12.   Mizuno USA Judo Bolt Backpack Royal
A Great New bag from Mizuno for daily workouts.
13.   Mizuno USA Judo MX Equipment Wheel Bag
Great team equipment bag with ample storage space.
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