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Mizuno Signature Gi

Ok I see that you are curious. Welcome to the Best Category page of the Judo Gi Store. Here you will find Judo, and Aikido Uniforms that are indeed for the rarest of rare martial artists. The ones with lots and lots of extra money.

Since prices for uniforms on this page start at more than $230 and go as high at $360 depending on the style and size, it stands to reason that those of you who purchase them are among the ultra elite of Martial Artists either as competitors, the Yawara Gi from Mizuno is the official uniform of Japan's Olympic team, or as clinicians, my Aikido Sensei wants to get a Mizuno Signature uniform for his Sensei, Steven Seagal. For most of us the uniforms in the Better Category will have to do. Remember that the Mizuno Signature Judo shown below is identical to the Supreme uniform in the Better category, but includes the Mizuno script down both sleeves.

    Description Price
1.   Mizuno White Yusho Japan IJF Approved Gi, White or Blue
The New Yusho Japan IJF Approved gi has Extra tailoring for a better more exacting fit. Worn by the Japanese Team. No other gi like it. Priced from $289.00 to $349.00. Includes jacket and pants
Item No. Miz_Judo_Yusho_Japan
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